In the beginning…

Town 1908

 Early town

Mill Construction

Mill_construction          Mill_construction_2

Bath House

Bath House

Early House

Early house 2

Early House

Early house

Early Housing Construction

Early housing construction 1

Early Shotgun House

Early shot gun house

Train Station

Train Station

Bemis Mercantile Company

Mercantile Co

First School


Early YMCA


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  1. There were different kinds of houses an floor plans depending on what statis you were an how many children you had .Like if you were a supervisor you had a house what we called Newtown behind J.B.Young school,If you were higher up you had a house behind the Mill where the two stories were if you were just a common worker you had a house around D street There were two streets where Black people lived when i was growing up there But my grandmother had told me at on time there were houses for black people across the tracks in that section My grandmother had married her first husband they lived on Missiour street He passed away then she had married a Native American an the mill moved them on Jefferson st away from everone else There was only one other family that lived on Jefferson that was Mr an Mrs Robertson She was Native American also Later someone else built the other houses on Jefferson st.Wish I could draw the floor plans out for you Beacuse i remember I used to play at my friends houses alot growing up there.

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