Your Memories

My Memories of Bemis, Tennessee

Bemis Historical Society is in the process of collecting data about life in Bemis, Tennessee.  We would like to include your memories.
Please respond to the following and mail to:
Bemis Historical Society, P.O. Box 9266, Jackson, TN 38314-9266


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Address:  ______________________________________________________________

1.  Time line of my association with Bemis, Tennessee.

2.  My Bemis ancestors – Give name, relationship, year came to Bemis, job at Mill or other facility, interesting information pertaining to this individual.

3.  Address(es) of my place(s) of residency in Bemis

4.  Special memories: School, church, Christmas, leisure time, special occasions

5.  Describe the daily routine in your home in Bemis when you were growing up.

6.  Did your family have a garden?  If so, when, where and what was your responsibility?

7.  Did your family have livestock?  If so, when and where were they kept and what was your responsibility?

8.  Give your memories of the following:  Iceman, slop collection, trash collection, bathroom facilities, bus service, company store, drug store, home upkeep and maintenance (if you lived in a village house), strikes, war time, 50-year celebration, and other.